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Altair's Top Ten Travel Tips

Posted on 08/13/2021

Altair’s Top Ten Travel Tips

  • Be Prepared
    • Reconfirm your flights on the airline web site or by phone – the day before and before leaving for the airport.You can register for flight alerts to be sent to your phone or download the airline’s app and the airline should send a notification if your flights change.
    • While you are looking at your reservation on the airline’s web site, be sure your contact information (cell number and email address) is correct; and that you have included your emergency contact information.
    • Write down the phone number for the airline’s reservations department, or store it in your phone contacts, in case the internet connectivity at the airport is bad.
  • Allow extra connecting time when planning your flights if your schedule requires you to change planes. While we all want to get to our destination quickly, having extra time to connect is great peace-of-mind if there is a delay on the first flight.
  • Plan to be at the airport, ready to check in, at least 90 minutes prior to departure for flights within the U.S.; and 3 hours prior to departure for flights outside the U.S.
  • Everyone must wear a mask while in the airports and during the flight except when eating or drinking. There may also be local regulations requiring masks at your destination.
  • Check travel restrictions at your destination to see if you have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result when you arrive.
  • Be aware of the U.S. requirement for proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the departure time of your flight home.
  • Passports
  • Check your passport expiration date.If it expires within 12 months and you are planning a trip, you should apply for the renewal now.It is taking much longer to apply for a new passport and to get a passport renewed.
  • If you are traveling outside the U.S., take a copy of the picture page of your passport and a copy of your vaccination card in case you lose your passport.These copies won’t work as your original documents, but it will make it easier to get your passport replaced.
  • Keep your boarding pass after your flight, and if it is on your phone, don’t delete it. You may need it to prove you were on the flight.
  • Be patient and kind – lines are long and passengers are cranky!
  • Low-cost/no-frills airlines can be deceptive. The fares look so much lower, but they charge extra for seat assignments, carry-on bags, checked bags … even water and soft drinks. The price you end up paying is usually very close to what other airlines charge. Plus, when an airline only offers one flight a day or just a few flights each week, it may be several days before they can find space for you if your original flight is cancelled due to weather or other issues.
  • If your flight is cancelled after you check in:
  • You may be able to book a new flight on the airline web site or at an airport kiosk
  • Call your travel agent, or the airline reservations department, while you are standing in line to be re-booked. The reservations department may be able to rebook your flight and reissue your ticket. Keep in mind that the hold time to reach reservations may take a while, but the airport lines are also usually quite long. You may be able to change your flight before you reach the front of the line at the ticket counter!
  • If you have airline club access, you can head there for assistance with re-booking

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