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Around the World in 180 Days with Oceania Cruises

Posted on 03/11/2021

Tuesday (3.9.2021) Pat Blassie and McGraw chatted about traveling the world in 180 days! How does that sound after 365 days of being stuck at home?!

Oceania Cruises just announced their world cruise for 2023 and it is doable - $40,000 minimum.

It is a smaller ship with 684 passengers. So you are going to come home with 684 friends, maybe a few enemies. If you are interested in this incredible opportunity take a listen below.... but unfortunately dogs aren't included.

But what IS included?

  • Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel
  • Gratuities
  • Medical Care
  • Internet
  • VISA Package
  • Luggage Delivery
  • Laundry
  • Drink Package
  • And more!

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