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What is open? And where can I go?

Posted on 04/28/2021

For those of you asking the questions...

  1. What is open?
  2. Where can I go?
  3. What are the COVID protocols?

We have some answers for you! This blog will cover a a variety of destinations that are open/opening for tourists and how they will be handling COVID protocols.


Hawaii is aiming to ease restrictions for all U.S. visitors by the summer as demand picks up. Changes to the Safe Travels Hawaii, the state's traveler entry form, will begin May 11 for state residents who were vaccinated in Hawaii and will go into effect for visitors from the continental United States later in the summer, international travel will follow.

Currently, if you travel to Hawaii, the state requires a negative COVID test within 72 hours of departure.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands will open for travelers with no mandatory quarantine as long as they are vaccinated, can provide proof of a negative PCR test no more than 5 days prior to the trip, and test negative upon arrival. This will begin May 15.


Starting April 19, Greece began allowing entries for residents of the U.S. Travelers must present a negative PCR test for entry or show proof of vaccination. As of May 3, restaurants in Greece will open for outdoor dining.

Puerto Rico

Starting April 28, Puerto Rico travelers must arrive with a negative PCR molecular test.


Mexico remains one of the most attractive international travel destinations in 2021. Visitors must complete an online health questionnaire prior to departure and should expect to undergo health screenings including temperature checks at airports, hotels, and resorts. Travelers to Mexico will need to secure a negative COVID-19 test result taken within the three days of their return flight to the U.S.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica government does not request coronavirus screening tests, nor does it issue sanitary confinement orders as requirements to enter the country by air. However you need to accomplish a digital form, Health Pass, 48 hours prior to boarding and purchase health insurance that covers... Valid during the entire stay in Costa Rica, US $50,000 for medical expenses, including COVID-19 disease, and US $2,000 for accommodation expenses in the event of COVID-19 quarantine.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic does not require a negative COVID-19 test result for U.S. travelers. Airports are administering temperature checks to all arriving passengers and rapid breath tests between three percent and fifteen percent of arrivals as well as anyone exhibiting coronavirus symptoms. Visitors are also required to complete and submit a Traveler's Health Affidavit. To return to the U.S. travelers will need to secure a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result produced within three days of departure.


Effective May 1, 2021 those traveling to The Bahamas from outside of the country will be exempt from a RT-PCR COVID-19 test if they are fully vaccinated and have passed the two week immunity period. Proof of full vaccination will be required.

This is only a handful of destinations opening/open for tourism. We will continue to keep you updated and if you have a question about a specific destination, please reach out!

*Subject to change. For details and most up-to-date information reach out!*

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