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For a place that is steeped in history, New England is ever moving forward. It is a region which comprises six states of the Northeastern United States: Maine, MassachusettsConnecticut, New HampshireRhode Island, and Vermont. It is bordered by New York to the west, Long Island Sound to the south, the Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian province of New Brunswick to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

Some of the first movements of American literaturephilosophy, and education originated in New England. The region played a prominent role in the movement to abolish slavery, and was the first region of the United States transformed by the Industrial Revolution. Today, New England is a major world center of education, high technology, insurance, and medicine. Boston is its cultural, financial, educational, medical, and transportation center.

If you're wondering about your ''to-do-list'', New England is big on outdoor adventure and offers an incredible array of things to do! The region undulates with the rolling hills and rocky peaks of the ancient Appalachian Mountains, from the beautiful birch-covered Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, to the lush Green Mountains in Vermont, to the towering White Mountains that stretch across New Hampshire and Maine. Whether your passion is skiing, boating, or golf; music, art, or history; family fun or romantic seaside weekends - you'll find it here!

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