Assistant Leisure Manager

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Forty two years in the travel industry is a lot for such a young guy :)

It's given me the opportunity to travel to some great places:United States, all the islands of Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I have cruised with many cruise lines, each has unique qualities and amenities. I love being pampered on cruises, while looking forward to a new destination or an old, favorite port.

What's next on my bucket list? China, Asia, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and anywhere I have not had the opportunity to visit. Wheels up and anchors away!

Being surrounded by mostly women agents with their professionalism and experience is truly inspiring. Altair is tops in knowledge and customer service. I love the opportunity to provide my clients with a worry free journey and open up new adventures for them, through travel!

Bob Reinneck