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Over 30 years ago, I began my travel adventures at Aloha Travel. Taking travel industry classes to better learn the trade, I've worked as an "outside agent". My greatest experience has been meeting many leaders in the industry, from airline sales reps to travel colleagues, and most importantly, my clients.

Through close relationships with members of various clubs, to which I belong, my client list was established and grew! It was hard work at first, but always enjoyable, especially each time I've handed documents to my clients to see the smiles on their faces. I've always written thank you notes to clients for booking with me, and often gifted travel books and onboard credit to express my gratitude.

Now, at Altair Travel (my favorite agency, and my last one), I have succeeded in making lifelong friends, like Nora Faifer - my mentor, and many faithful and endearing clients. It has been a terrific journey in the travel industry. I am proud to be a part of the Altair team. May Altair and the travel industry continue to flourish for many years to come!

Dennise  Lafferre