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During my 26 years working in the travel industry, my travels include many incredible places:

  • Europe: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Greece, Turkey, Iceland
  • Africa : Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya
  • Asia ; China, Cambodia, Vietnam
  • New Zealand & Australia, Tahiti, Caribbean, Mexico
  • South America : Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay
  • United States : all, but about 5 states
Although each place is special in its own unique way, the favorites that stand out for me are Egypt and Kenya. The history in Egypt was incredible. Seeing the pyramids, the Sphinx, the hieroglyphics, and the kindness of the people was an amazing experience. Kenya was special in so many ways. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat is so unlike seeing them in a zoo-watching their interaction with one another, seeing a baby giraffe stand for the 1st time, observing leopards on the hunt for prey, and experiencing elephants protecting their babies. I'll never forget the fabulous tented camps, the warm hospitality of our hosts at each camp, and having breakfast outside in the bush every moment is as special as you want it to be!

What's on my bucket list? South Africa, Botswana, Japan, India, Norway, Switzerland, Antarctica...almost anywhere I haven't been or want to go back to!

I love being in the travel business, knowing that I am helping create special memories for my clients and helping them thru the entire process. I get to experience new destinations thru their eyes and re-experience places I've been all over again! With over 26 years in the industry and having traveled all over the world, I am able to give advice to those who seek a professional's expertise. Give me an opportunity to help make your travel dreams come true!

Maeve Day