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My father was born in England, and my mother born in Croatia; so, seeing the world has always been in my blood. My family traveled all over the United States and Canada with cricket and football (soccer), as my father was very involved professionally. Traveling to England to meet my father's family at age 16, was the beginning of my passion for the wonders of traveling the world! I became involved in the travel business in 1999. For 4 years I did guided tours to Ireland, pretty extensively. I have been fortunate have been able to experience Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Israel and parts of Africa and of course, I had to visit all 50 states of our wonderful United States!

England and Croatia are dear to my heart because of my family ties. I love Hawaii. Rome is one of my favorite cities, because of the history. There are still many place yet to visit. A Safari is on my bucket list for the near future!

The best thing about being in the travel business is helping to create great experiences and memories for my clients. Nothing is better than my clients telling me they, "had the best trip ever!"

Mary Rosen