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I have been in the travel business for 28 years now - seems like only yesterday that I graduated TWA Academy (that shows my age right there)! I have a passion for traveling and have been blessed to be in the position to travel through my day-to-day business, as well as for personal pleasure. You will find me behind my camera a lot when traveling, as my second passion is photography (not for business, just my own personal hobby).

I have been on Cruises of all kinds (Carnival - Windstar - Holland - Disney - Azamara - Avalon Waterways - AMA Waterways and NCL) and many destinations over the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Israel and Cambodia & Vietnam and most recently Cuba! I have even experienced a motor coach tour with Insight Vacations to the Canyonlands of Western USA! My travels, although not as extensive as some, have been incredible...all with raising my son (sometimes in tow).

My clients always ask me "Where is your favorite place to go?" How does one answer this.... I love the diversity of all travel for many different reasons. How can you compare relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana to the Villages in the Amalfi Coast where the scenic backdrops are to die for OR the people of Cambodia that live in the past lifetime with very little but are some of the most interesting and happiest people I have met! I love it "all" for so many different reasons!

Now let's talk "bucket lists" ... that I can give you a definitive answer, #1 - ICELAND and #2 - Norway .... What's on your bucket list? Can I assist?

Melissa Garrison