Assistant Corporate Manager, Corporate and Leisure Advisor

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My parents bought a travel agency when I was in the 8th Grade, so my travel career started with stamping and filing brochures. I always thought I wanted to be a librarian, but switched my focus to accounting in college. After graduating, I worked in the accounts payable department of a local plastics manufacturing company and eventually became the department manager.
After a few years there, Mom's accountant got married and moved out of the state; and Mom offered me the chance to work in the agency as her "back-office" person. Two agencies later, I am now honored to be part of the Altair Team!

Although my job in the corporate department keeps me very busy, I'm also fortunate to handle vacation travel. It's a bonus to wear both hats!

Over the years, I learned to sell travel and started accumulating travel experience and knowledge. I have now been working full time in travel for over 40 years. I have learned about and experienced many types of travel, from all-inclusive beach vacations to ocean cruises and river cruises and escorted and independent trips and tours throughout the world. I love the challenge of creating the perfect travel memories for our clients, and look forward to working with you and your family soon!

Nora Faifer