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Travel was my first career in 1985, and it will always be the perfect career for me. I began at Altair 16 years ago, and soon became manager of the leisure department. Early on, I dreamed Oh the places I'll go; and the opportunities have surpassed my wildest dreams. I have traveled to Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Baltic, Danube River, Russia, Greece, Australia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Peru, California, New York, and Alaska. My friends and family definitely know my favorites.

The lifestyle and beauty of Hawaii make it tops on my favorites list; I've enjoyed it about ten times now! Since I am the most devoted Cardinal baseball fan at Altair, getting to lead the Official Cardinal Cruise (since 1998!) and our Cardinal Spring Training trips pretty much makes this my dream job! The clients that have come along over the years have become my dear friends. And yes, I am known as one of the adult Disney Freaks in the office I like to say Disney connoisseur.

I'm sure I'll be visiting my favorites again, and New Zealand and Iceland are on my bucket list. And it's not been just, Oh the places I'll go!, but also, Oh the people I'll meet!. Clients have become lifelong friends, and my Altair co-workers are truly like family always helping each other, through work and life. Please let me plan your dream trips, and I promise to bring experience and tip top customer service!

Sherry Norris