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When I graduated from High School in 1995 I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. After a year of Early Childhood Education classes I knew that wasn't for me. A family friend mentioned that TWA was hiring in the reservations department - and thus began my career in the Travel Industry. What that friend should've also mentioned was that once travel gets in your blood, it never leaves!

I loved my time at TWA and within 5 years had worked my way up to a position in the Inside Sales department where I worked with some wonderful travel agents on the West Coast. I hated to see my career at TWA end in late summer of 2001. Sadly, not long after I left TWA that awful day of 9/11 happened and I decided that I needed to find a different career path because I was convinced that the travel industry would never recover. Thankfully I was wrong!

For 2 years I worked as a Customer Service Rep at a small local bank. It was a good job with great benefits, but it wasn't travel. I found myself eager to get back into travel and was able to find a job with a large travel management company. This job is where I became a Travel Agent. This was the job where I learned the in's & outs of booking Corporate Travel and helping organize off-site meetings for large companies. I was also able to travel to Orlando & Las Vegas "all expenses paid by the way" to run the hospitality desk for meeting attendees. What?! I got to work from a fun location AND get paid for it?! This Travel Agent stuff was pretty neat!

Fast forward about 11 years. I was out of a job, due to company restructuring, for the 2nd time in my career. That curve ball led me to Altair Travel the summer of 2014. I was hired as a Corporate Travel Agent. While at Altair I have been able to increase my knowledge in so many parts of the travel industry. Not only have I been able to work with our Corporate clients, I also get to dabble in the Leisure side of things too. I get to help clients plan dream trips to wonderful destinations! I also have been blessed multiple times and have gotten to escort several groups to beautiful destinations such as Cancun/Riviera Maya, St. Thomas, and Jamaica!

My role has recently evolved into much more than "just travel". I am the in-house IT tech support, and my current job description is expanding to include managing our data base system, social media, website and marketing. Instead of having a desk full of just client folders & travel brochures, it's now filled with spare keyboards, mice, power cables, images, newspapers, spreadsheets, and more! I feel that now I have it all!

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